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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Do I have to be a West Fargo resident to join the Club?

A: No, while many of our players are from West Fargo, we have no residency requirement and take players from all over the region.

Q: Do you offer competitive programs or recreational programs?

A: Both! Click here to learn about our rec programs and here to learn about our competitive programs. There is also more information below.

Q: Who owns the Club?

A: You do! We're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit operated for the benefit of our members and the public. Additional information is available here.  Donations are tax deductible and welcomed!

Q: How is the Club managed?

A: We have a volunteer Board of Directors. 

Q: Can I buy WFSC gear?

A: Absolutely! Click here to shop!

Q: Where does the Club hold its soccer programs?

A:  The Scheel's Soccer Complex, 1080 13th Ave W, West Fargo. 

Q: Are there volunteering requirements?

A: Yes, for competitive players and families. General information is available here, and your team manager will contact you with more details.

Competitive Soccer Program Questions

Q: What age can my child play for competitive soccer?

A: The competitive program is open to players 8-19 years old. We strive to have players play in the correct age group, although sometimes we have to "pool" ages together as numbers dictate. Players with a team at their age group may be eligible to play up if the coaching director and the coaches agree it is appropriate. For the standard age divisions as implemented by US Youth Soccer, see the age matrix on this page.

Q: What kind of commitment is the competitive program?

A: The program is a competitive traveling program that covers the fall, winter and spring/summer seasons. Currently, each season is optional, but encouraged to continue the skill development at the competitive level.

Q: When does the season start and how long does it last?

A: The fall season generally runs from mid-August to mid-October. The winter season is broken down into three sessions and runs from November-December, January-February and March-April. The spring/summer season generally goes from mid-May (depending on weather) to late-July.

Q: How often do competitive teams travel?

A: During the fall season, teams travel one (or possibly two) times, usually to the Fall Cup in Blaine, MN. Winter season is indoor training in Fargo only. There may be indoor tournaments players have the option to play. Spring/Summer season will travel 3-4 times (usually twice to the Twin Cities area). Teams may have options to travel additional shorter distances for scrimmages and jamborees.

Q: Are there tryouts or evaluations for the competitive program?

A: We evaluate players in our programs on an ongoing basis, so there is no need for a tryout. We offer evaluations in late summer for players wanting to join our club. 

Q: How do I find out my child’s team?

A: For summer 2017, registration ends March 15. We may allow late registrations in the Club’s discretion. However, we will make teams based on the March 15 numbers and email you prior to our kickoff meeting, which is scheduled for April 2, 2017, at 2:00 pm at Liberty Middle School.

Q: Can my child play up to an older age group?

A: We strongly prefer for players to play at the correct age if possible. However, sometimes players can move up based on their skills and physical development. That decision will be made by the coaches and the director of coaching.

Q: What does pool training mean?

A: Some of our age groups may feature pool training environments where a large number of players the same age is led by a team of coaches. Coaches will typically break up the pool into different groups each practice. The advantage of this is that players are playing alongside new players each week and experience different coaching styles. This allows for more flexibility in challenging players and helps implement a more consistent playing philosophy amongst the group of players.

Q: What do pool teams do for tournaments?

A: Teams are broken up from the larger pool for tournaments. Teams may change from tournament to tournament at the coach’s discretion.

Q: How much does the competitive program cost?

A: U9 costs $225 for the spring and summer. U10-19 costs $435 for spring and summer. Fall soccer costs $220 irrespective of age. In addition, you must also pay an annual membership fee of $25.

Q: Where do my fees go?

A: We use program revenue to cover costs, such as insurance and field costs; tournament registrations; coach wages; and to make long-term improvements to our program such as coaching education. The club does not have any full-time employees.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Yes, plans can be worked out individually by contacting our treasurer Jennifer Sunram.

Q:  Why does the U9 program cost less for the summer? And why is it the same in the fall?

A: U9 is the youngest group the club offers. The teams often include children from 7-9. The program is intended to give players and families a chance to try competitive soccer at a reduced cost and schedule. In the summer, the teams play two tournaments, one in Fargo and one in Grand Forks. However, we are considering adding a U9 program that would play all four tournaments. If this interests you, please email Darcy Kasprowicz. The fall program costs the same because they all play the same number of tournaments.

Q: Are uniforms included in my fees?

A: No. Competitive uniforms cost approximately $100. However, they can be reused from season to season until your child outgrows them.

Q: How do I order a uniform?

A: We place an order after the kickoff meeting in early April. Plan to come to that meeting and be ready to place an order. If you need to discuss uniforms, email board member Carissa Bertsch

Q: Can my child pick their own number?

A: Yes, depending on the other numbers already assigned to his or her team. We will have rosters of prior jerseys at the kickoff meeting.

Q: What does my child wear for practice?

A: Players are able to wear their own comfortable practice clothes. Dress for the weather. Child must have on shin guards and cleats.

Q: What does my child wear for games?

A: Players are required to bring the full uniform to all games/scrimmages. This includes both white and green jerseys/socks. Child must have on shin guards and cleats. All jewelry must be removed, and glasses require straps.

Q: What do I do if I lose/damage the uniform?

A: The uniform will need to be reordered immediately. The cost is your responsibility and may be charged additional shipping fees for single item shipping. The uniform will have to be reordered following the same original steps.

Recreational Program Questions

Q: How much does the recreational program cost?

A: Spring rec costs $30. Summer rec costs $48.

Q: Are uniforms included in my fees?

A: No, jerseys cost $15 and are reversible. They can be reused from season to season until your child outgrows them.

Q: How do I order a uniform?

A: You indicate on the registration if you need a jersey. They will then be handed out the first night.

Q: Where do my fees go?

A: We use program revenue to cover costs, such as insurance and field costs; and to make long-term improvements to our program. The club does not have any full-time employees.

Q: When will I be contacted by the league once registered?

A: As soon as we can make rosters, we will contact players.

Q: When are practices and games?

A: Spring practices and games are on Monday and Thursday nights. Summer practices and games will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Q: Can my child play up or down an age group?

A: We will try to have teams of similarly aged players. We may have to move players into groups of varying ages based on the numbers of registrants.

Q: Will siblings play together?

A: We will try to accommodate requests, but only if they are the same age or we move one sibling up or down.

Q: What equipment will my player need?

A: Players must have a ball (size 3 for children under 8, and size 4 for children 8-12, and size 5 for children 13 and older), and shin guards. Cleats are recommended but not required. You may also want to bring a water bottle.

Q: Who will coach my child’s team?

A: Recreational coaches are parents that volunteer to coach a team at registration. Coaches volunteer their time to work with all players during practices and games. Some coaches grew up playing soccer, some have watched their children play and some have never played soccer or coached soccer before. WFSC has a recreational director and several assistants who are soccer-trained and will work with the coaches to have a practice plan in place to help guide in preparing for practices and games. The children of volunteer coaches will receive free registration.

Q: How do I know if the games are canceled due to weather?

A: For all weather announcements check the home page of the website or West Fargo Soccer Club Facebook page.  We will also attempt to send mass emails if we can.

Q: Can I request that my child be on a certain team?

A: Yes! We cannot make promises, but we will work with you to the extent that we can.

Q: Who can I contact with other questions?

A: You may contact the following people with questions about competitive soccer: 

With rec questions, email Steve Johnson, board member.